Psychologist: Duchess Meghan has “psychopathic personality traits”.

Remote diagnostics are always such a thing. Nevertheless, a psychologist dares to assess why Duchess Meghan is not so precise with the truth. He says she exhibits psychopathic personality traits.

Duchess Meghan (41) and Prince Harry (38) have not only been caught fibbing once in the past: both in an interview with Oprah Winfrey (69) and in a conversation with “The Cut”, as well as in their portrayal of the chase the paparazzi recently in New York or currently during the creation of their podcast. The Sussexes are always accused of exaggerating, of prettifying or falsifying things, and sometimes, outright, of lying. But why does the royal couple, who would certainly attract a lot of attention even with the most sober facts, have it necessary to constantly twist the truth? Only the two of them could answer this question exactly. Nevertheless, their behavior at least gives clues as to what might be going on in the two. The news portal ““Now spoke to a psychologist specifically about Meghan.

Psychologist: Evidence of psychopathic personality traits

Psychologist Rolf Schmiel (50) points out that a remote diagnosis is impossible and “only a personal analytical conversation” really brings clarity, but then dares to classify it from a distance: “Your charming demeanor paired with manipulation and the tendency to Lying, being intensely self-serving, and willing to harm others all suggest psychopathic personality traits,” he believes.

And also gives an opinion on why Harry is involved in the charade. Harry is “double unlucky” because: “The character of the royal family and the traumatic experience of losing his mother early make him an easy victim for someone who has personality traits like those shown by Meghan.” just taking advantage of the poor prince? Not quite, because after all, she helped him to free himself from the golden royal cage. “His benefit is that Meghan is a strong personality who fascinates him so much that he was able to break away from old structures, which were certainly also dangerous for his mental health.” But it becomes dangerous if someone is constantly different use for your own needs.

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