Putin propagandist rails against USA – although he is said to have secret family there

On Russian state television, Vladimir Solovyov regularly agitates against Ukraine and the West, above all against the USA. Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny’s team has now revealed: Putin’s TV propagandist is said to have a lover and two daughters in the United States.

He threatens nuclear bombs, rails against the West and sees Russia in a direct war with NATO led by the United States. Unthinkable what now Journalists from the team of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny want to have revealed: The moderator from the Russian state television is said to have had an affair with basketball player Svetlana Abrosimova, who lives in the USA, for years. Spicy: Solovyov is married in Russia and already has eight children from different relationships.

But Solovyov is said to have used his bonus as a propagandist loyal to the state for his lover Abrosimova. As the research team reports, the moderator personally campaigned for the athlete to be included in the Russian national team.

With his affair, Kremlin propagandist Solovyov is said to have two children in the United States

In addition, Abrosimova is said to own a 5.7 million euro villa in the posh Russian town of Sochi. Ironically, her property and her apartment are said to have been deleted from the state register, it is said.

Kremlin propagandist Solovyov regularly visited Abrosimova in the United States shortly after her move in late 2016. There she gave birth to two girls – the exact father is unknown. Navalny’s team speculates that the twins could be joint children with Solovyov.

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