Putin: Russia was lured into war against Ukraine by the West

The latest statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin are causing a stir. He claims that he was pressured by the West to invade Ukraine. The background is an alleged secret plan by the West that aims to undermine Russia’s economy and its “technological sovereignty”.

As the Daily Express points out, Putin is emphasizing his previous predictions about the course of the conflict. He sees this as confirmed and uses it to justify Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Furthermore, according to the Russian president, the West not only triggered the conflict, but also used it strategically to inhibit Russia’s economic development.

Putin shrugs off responsibility

The Daily Express critically notes that Putin consistently describes the Ukraine conflict as a “special military operation”. In doing so, he places responsibility for the war on others and distances himself from any personal responsibility. The Daily Express particularly pointedly describes Putin’s view in this context as “delusional”.

Hank Peter

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