Putin’s alleged mother is dead – Kremlin contradicts her story

Vera Putina is dead. The “Sun” reports on the death of the 97-year-old Georgian, referring to unspecified sources from Georgia who confirmed the death. Putina was buried in her hometown Metekhi near Tbilisi on Tuesday.

Putina made headlines by adamantly claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin is her son. He emerged from an affair with the married Russian man Privalov Platon. She met him during a training course, Putina was a trained agricultural machinery mechanic. He was born on October 7, 1950 – two years before the official date of birth.

Putin is said to have lived in Georgia until he was ten years old

In an interview with the “Sun” before her death, she reported on living with little Vladimir. He lived in her village from the age of two and a half to ten years. The childhood was marked by violence. Stepfather Giorgi Osepahvili abused him and didn’t take care of him. “He often threatened that he would throw ‘the bastard’ out of his house,” she said. Character traits such as cold-heartedness, introversion and aggression developed as a result. As a child, he used a slingshot to shoot neighbors’ chickens.

Despite everything, he hated bullying and “never had serious arguments with his classmates, but always tried to be a good friend”. At the age of ten she finally sent him to his grandparents in Russia. Putina also stayed there for a short time, but then returned to Georgia to her husband.

As a result, there was no more contact with her alleged son. Putina was unable to provide concrete evidence. Other media reports indicate that Putin was given to foster parents by his grandparents. These would now also be officially registered as parents.

Peskow disagrees: “It’s not true”

The factory workers Maria Ivanovna Shelomova and Vladimir Spiridonovich are named as biological parents in the official accounts. According to this, Putin was born in 1952 in today’s St. Petersburg. There are few comments on the portrayal of Putina. Kremlin spokesman Peskov is quoted as saying: “The story is not true. It doesn’t correspond to reality at all.”

Before her death, Putina expressed the wish “not to die without Vova seeing me and speaking to me at least once. I often see him in my dreams, but he doesn’t want to talk to me. Both in life and in dreams he is angry about what I have done, he cannot forgive me.” This wish was no longer fulfilled.

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