Putin’s bodyguard reveals: confusion and extreme paranoia

Vitaliy Bryschaty, once Vladimir Putin’s bodyguard, breaks his silence about his time in the Federal Security Service. Bryzhatiy, who guarded Putin’s dacha in Russian-annexed Crimea, revealed in an interview with independent TV channel Dozhd – as Dagens.se reported – that the Russian president was extremely suspicious. According to Dagens.se, Putin trusts no one, not even his closest bodyguards. It is not unusual for the president’s exact whereabouts to remain hidden even from them.

Deceptions on the agenda

Bryschaty described how the Kremlin leader would sometimes let the bodyguards know a certain location, only to then actually be in a completely different place. This regularly causes confusion among the security forces. Particularly interesting was his revelation about a special unit called SBP (President’s Security Service) within the Federal Protective Service. This unit enjoys Putin’s most trust and is always at his side when he travels.

Putin’s complex safeguards

Another notable detail: Before Putin visits Crimea, his arrival will be announced simultaneously at the Sevastopol and Simferopol airports, even though they are over 100 kilometers apart. Despite helicopter landings and the arrival of National Guard convoys, Putin may not come by plane. He could also arrive by ship instead. Bryschaty emphasized that these security measures show how concerned Putin is about his own security. For example, when the president visits Sevastopol, the local governor has to spend several weeks in quarantine, which Bryschaty said is still common practice.

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