Putin’s Kim Jong Un plan: “Shocking news for the USA and Europe”

Russia’s army is apparently suffering from a massive shortage of ammunition. Now Vladimir Putin could conclude an arms deal with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un – that would have dramatic consequences. The Kremlin has already confirmed days of speculation.

Putin’s war in Ukraine could now lead to the recognition for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that he has been seeking for so long: The Russian leadership has confirmed the speculation that has been going on for days about an imminent visit by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The reason: a possible agreement to supply weapons and ammunition.

Kim will travel to Russia on an official visit “in the coming days” at the invitation of President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin said on Monday (September 11). The meeting between the two heads of state is scheduled to take place on September 13th.

Putin’s war could bring Russia and North Korea closer

The White House has long been warning that North Korea has secretly begun supplying artillery shells and anti-tank missiles to Russia and is negotiating further arms deals. A North Korea expert warns of the possible consequences, including for Europe.

According to the South Korean news agency Yonhap, the secret service had indications that the train with Kim Jong Un on board was heading towards Vladivostok. Kim could travel in an armored train to Vladivostok, which is less than 500 kilometers from the North Korean border as the crow flies.

Russia and the internationally isolated North Korea have been allies for a long time, but relations were often strained after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In addition, economic trade between the two countries is rather low. China is a far more important partner for North Korea; the majority of food imports come from the People’s Republic.

Now, of all things, Putin’s war could bring both countries closer. An agreement would be a “win-win” situation for the autocrats: Putin urgently needs greater success in view of the Ukrainian counteroffensive and must get the ammunition shortage under control. For Kim, in turn, an agreement would mean access to modern weapons technology, for example for his nuclear submarines. He would receive technical support for his nuclear and missile programs. And he would be more in the political spotlight again.

However, such an agreement would not be good news for Asia or countries in Europe, warns an expert.

Lee Byong-chul, a North Korea expert at the Institute of Far Eastern Studies at Kyungnam University in Seoul, tells the “New York Times” : North Korea already has a large surplus of ammunition because the country has not fought a war since the armistice after the Korean War in 1953. Since the technology is largely Soviet, North Korean ammunition would be easily compatible with Russian ammunition.

North Korea expert warns: “This is shocking news”

“This is shocking news for both the United States and countries in Europe that are hoping for an early end to the war in Ukraine,” Lee continued. “North Korean ammunition could add fuel to the fire.”

The agreement could increase tensions not only in Ukraine, but also on the Korean peninsula, as it could help advance Kim’s nuclear weapons program even further. It could force both South Korea and Japan to increase their military cooperation with the US in the future.

Although North Korea has fired several intercontinental ballistic missiles since 2017, Western experts still doubt that the country has the technology to make nuclear warheads small and light enough to achieve greater range. The country is also trying to build its first ballistic missile submarine. So far it is assumed that there will be major hurdles there too – which would disappear with an agreement from Russia.

Leif-Eric Easley, professor of international studies at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, added to the New York Times: Increased military exchanges between Russia and North Korea would “undermine peace and security in Europe and Asia” and would demonstrate the willingness of Moscow and Pyongyang to blatantly violate international law. From Washington’s perspective, arms deals between the two nations would violate UN Security Council resolutions that sanction North Korea.

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