Putin’s Shahed drones fail: Ukrainians take down all aerial targets from the sky

The Ukrainian air defense systems have, as “ntv“ reported that six attack drones and a cruise missile that Russia is said to have launched were fended off overnight. The Ukrainian Air Force said Russia fired a total of nine cruise missiles into the country. A total of eight S-300 missile launches from the Belgorod and Donetsk regions were detected. An attack using an S-300 missile is said to have hit a postal center in the Kharkiv region. In addition, an air-guided missile was fired from a Russian Su-34 aircraft from the Zaporizhia region. It is also reported that three of the Shahed drones used come from Crimea. As the Ukrainian air defense reported on their Telegram channel that all air targets were destroyed.

Attack on postal depot in Kharkiv

According to ntv, the number of injured as a result of a Russian rocket attack in the Kharkiv district continues to rise and is now at 16. Russian forces are said to have attacked the depot of the Ukrainian private postal service Nova Poshta in the village of Korotych with S-300 rockets, killing six people killed. This village is located 16 kilometers west of Kharkiv. At the time of the attack, at 2:30 a.m. local time, a total of 22 people were said to have been in the depot, many of whom were between the ages of 19 and 42 and were said to have suffered shrapnel wounds. The region’s military administrator, Oleh Synegubow, emphasizes that the depot is a purely civilian facility and accuses Russia of once again committing terror against the civilian population.

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