Raid on member of Pro-Palestine Association in Munich

After an Instagram call for a demonstration by the pro-Palestinian association “Palestine Speaks,” the apartment of a member of the group in Munich was searched. The aim of the investigation is to identify the originator of the call.

In Munich, the police and public prosecutor’s office are investigating a still unknown perpetrator following an Instagram post and demonstrations by the group “Palestine Speaks”. On Friday morning, the Attorney General’s Office raided a member of the group, according to the ” Picture “-newspaper reported.

After Instagram post and demo: Raid on “Palestine Speaks” member

The member examined is said to be a “German with Arabic roots”. He is suspected of having approved Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel. On October 9, 2023, a post was posted on the Instagram account of the pro-Palestinian association “Palestine Speaks” in which the group called for a demonstration. It stated that the Hamas attacks were an act of resistance. The member under investigation was registered for the demonstration.

The aim of the search was “to identify the author of the message and to secure evidence”.

There is suspicion of condoning crimes in accordance with Section 140 No. 2 of the Criminal Code. The public prosecutor’s office justifies this with the fact that “the murders and ongoing war crimes committed cannot be legally legitimized as acts of resistance.”

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