Rammstein turns on lawyers and separates from his assistant

The allegations against Rammstein singer Till Lindemann include sexual abuse and abuse of power. Almost every day, new sufferers report about their experiences at the concerts and the controversial pre- and after-show parties.

Now the magazine reportsWorld“that the group should have separated from their assistant Alena M. This had previously been linked to alleged recruitment. She is said to have specifically sought out young women and brought them to Till Lindemann in order to perform sexual acts with them. Although the native Russian is said to be still in Munich, where Rammstein will be performing in the coming days, she is said to have been banned from attending the concerts.

Rammstein hires lawyers after allegations against singer Till Lindemann

It is also reported that the band is said to have hired lawyers. A PR agency from Berlin that specializes in crisis communication is said to have advised Rammstein to do so. The law firm is to investigate the allegations against Lindemann and his group.

The allegations have already had consequences. The publishing house Kiepenheuer & Witsch stopped working with Lindemann. The drugstore chain “Rossmann” also removed the band’s perfumes from the online shop. A spokeswoman for the group said to the Bild newspaper: “The developments prompted us to stop online sales of the Rammstein perfume and to take all steps to stop advertising the products.”

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