Real Madrid: Professional footballer shoots sex video with 16-year-old – arrested

Professional footballers from the second and third teams of Spanish top club Real Madrid have been arrested for allegedly distributing a video containing sex scenes with a 16-year-old. The police announced this on Thursday evening. There are a total of four adult footballers. Their cell phones were confiscated and a judge later released them provisionally, police said.

Professional footballer shoots sex video with 16-year-old – arrest

Real Madrid released a statement in the evening saying that the club was aware of the arrests and allegations against a total of four of its players. They allegedly passed on a private video via the instant messaging service WhatsApp. As soon as the club has more detailed information, it will take appropriate action, the statement continued. The names of the games were not initially known. Real Madrid spoke of one second-team player and three third-team players.

Spanish football is not calming down. The discussion about sexual harassment and abusive men has gained momentum since the now-resigned soccer boss Luis Rubiales forced a kiss on the mouth of world champion Jennifer Hermoso. Women are increasingly less willing to accept such behavior and are supported by large parts of politics, the media and sport.

One of those arrested filmed while the others had consensual sex with the teenager, the newspapers “El Confidencial” and “El País” reported. She didn’t know that and didn’t agree to it being distributed. The teenager’s mother therefore filed a complaint.

In Spain, the unauthorized distribution of images or videos that violate privacy is punishable by up to one year in prison. In Spain, prison sentences of less than two years are often suspended by the courts if the defendant does not have a criminal record.

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