Republicans want to take over the USA – their “playbook” is already finished

US Republicans are intent on strategically preparing for a possible return to the White House after next year’s elections. According to ntv, the chaos of the Trump era is to be avoided, and conservative think tanks have written a “playbook” showing how the state could be rebuilt and controlled from 2025 onwards.

Donald Trump could theoretically run for president again, even if indicted, Richard L. Hasen, a law professor and voting rights expert, told CNN. How nv reports, it would be possible, even without Trump, that the Republicans could usher in a dangerous presidency.

US Republicans want “major system overhaul”

The focus of the “Playbook” is on strengthening the presidential power and dismantling federal agencies. John McEntee, Trump’s White House chief of staff, was quoted in the New York Times as saying, “What we need is a complete overhaul of the system.”

According to ntv, the plan should also influence the FEC electoral commission and promote the oil and gas industry. This could stall the US clean energy transition. More than 400 people have worked on Project 2025, which is said to cost $22 million, with the Heritage Foundation spearheading the project, ntv points out.

Paul Dans, director of Project 2025 at the Heritage Foundation, told Politico the paper was a “battle plan”. This new program stands in stark contrast to the old conservatism of the “Grand Old Party,” notes ntv, and demonstrates a new strategic direction Republicans could pursue going forward.

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