Rolls-Royce Successfully Tests Hydrogen-Powered Jet Engine

Rolls-Royce (RR.L.) announced that it has successfully ran a jet engine on hydrogen, a world aviation first that marks a major step towards fueling aircraft with hydrogen.

The ground test of the modified Rolls-Royce AE 2100-A regional aircraft engine, which was powered by green hydrogen created by wind and tidal power, utilised the fuel that is created solely from green energy by the British company.

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Thus far, Rolls and easyJet (EZJ.L) have collaborated on the development of a hydrogen-powered engine that they hope will provide greater energy capacity advantages to civil aviation.

Subsequently, they’ve been working on planning more flight tests with the intention to do so for a longer period of time.

Hydrogen is a competing technology that could help the aviation industry reach the ultimate goal of becoming net zero by 2050.

Planemaker Airbus is collaborating with French aircraft manufacturer CFM International to study hydrogen propulsion technology.

In February, Airbus said it would attach a specially customized version of the current generation engine at the back of a test aircraft, which is to be converted into a plane.

The aircraft manufacturer communicated to the European Union in 2021 that most planes will exclusively use kerosene jet engines until at least 2050. A complete overhaul of airplane models and infrastructure at rendered airports would be required to switch to hydrogen-powered engines.

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