Roman Weidenfeller separates from his wife shortly after the birth of his daughter

Ex-BVB goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller and his wife Lisa are no longer a couple, as the football legend has confirmed. Just a few months ago, the couple were happy about the birth of their daughter.

Ex-BVB goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller (43) and his wife Lisa (35) are facing the end of their marriage. “It’s true, Lisa and I are no longer a couple,” the former footballer confirmed to the “Picture“.

Roman Weidenfeller: “We are both sad about it”

“We separated amicably. We tried to save our marriage together, but unfortunately we realized that it no longer worked in the long term,” explained Roman. And further: “We are both sad that we didn’t make it. For us, our two children come first. Of course, as parents we will look after their well-being together.”

Roman Weidenfeller and his wife took a break from their relationship in 2018

The ex-couple is currently said to still be living together. It wasn’t until spring that Roman and Lisa became parents to a daughter named Luna. Their son Leonard was born in 2016. The footballer married his wife a year earlier. The ex-couple already lived separately in 2018. In 2020 the two found each other again.

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