Romania corrected: Suspicious Russian drone parts have now been discovered

Suspected drone fragments of Russian origin have been found again in Romania. This time, according to The Kyiv Independent, the rubble was discovered near a branch of the Danube, specifically near the villages of Nufărul and Victoria in Tulcea County. The fragments spanned an area of ​​several dozen meters. The discovery was made by a Romanian helicopter crew at around 11:30 a.m. local time. To further clarify the situation, an additional helicopter carrying specialists was sent to investigate.

These villages are located on the Saint George Branch of the Danube and are approximately 15-20 kilometers southeast of the Ukrainian border. This is not the first time that such fragments have appeared on Romanian territory. Previous cases have suggested that these drones were destroyed in attacks against Ukraine.

Bucharest corrected: Confirmation of drone fragments near Ukrainian border

Reports from early September showed that some of these aircraft crashed on Romanian territory following a drone attack. Bucharest initially denied these reports, but just a few days later Romanian Defense Minister Angel Tilvar corrected this account. He confirmed that fragments believed to belong to drones were found along the Romanian side of the Danube.

On September 9, the Romanian military made another similar discovery in Plauru, a village not far from the Ukrainian border. The debris found was similar to that used by the Russian army, according to The Kyiv Independent. In response to these incidents, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis condemned Russian attacks on Ukrainian ports along the Danube.

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