Royal biographer doesn’t understand Harry’s apology demands

The relationship between Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family has been more than strained for three years now. The heir to the throne continues to demand an apology from Sussex – a demand that royal biographer Angela Levin has no sympathy for.

In 2020 occurred Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (42) completely surprising back from all her royal duties. The Sussexes found their new adopted home in America – and thousands of kilometers away from the palace, they also had the courage to speak out about their point of view. The couple accused the royal family of racism , failure to provide assistance and various intrigues. What the brother of Prince William (41) also repeatedly demands: an apology from the Windsor clan. Totally unjustified, like that biographer his stepmother Queen Camilla (76) finds.

Royal biographer has no understanding for apologies from Prince Harry

For Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, the key to peace also lies in public justice. After they made their allegations against the Windsors very effective in the media – interviews one Netflix documentary and Harry’s memoirs document serious allegations from the Sussexes’ perspective – they are now demanding an admission of guilt, especially from King Charles III (74).

The Sussexes bring up this condition again and again – for example with the Coronation of Charles and Camilla. According to mirror, Charles’ son and daughter-in-law would like to travel to London for the King’s 75th birthday on November 14, but only with an apology.

The queen’s biographer reacted to this claim in an interview with with incomprehension. “Harry doesn’t ask for an apology. He’s accumulated a whole list of things over the years for which he wants forgiveness. He’s the one who should apologize to his family. For all the nasty things he said about her.”

Biographer sees Meghan’s influence on Prince Harry

But not only about Queen Camilla, but also about the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II († 96) Angela Levin has already written a book. She sees a change in Prince Harry from the time Duchess Meghan entered his life.

In the eyes of the royal expert, the Duchess made the prince “an angry, selfish, resentful and completely different person”. . The Brit wants to revolutionize Charles’ wife’s reputation around the world with her new biography.

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