Rumors about Senate position for Duchess Meghan

Is this now the chance for Duchess Meghan to gain a foothold in politics? She is said to be in discussion as a possible new senator.

On September 29th, US Senator Dianne Feinstein died at the age of 90. Now California Gov. Gavon Newsom must send someone else to the Senate to fill the remaining 13 months until the next election in November 2024. One name that has allegedly been mentioned in the debate about the possible Senate successor is that of Duchess Meghan.

Duchess Meghan wants to go into politics

Even though many experts consider Meghan’s appointment to be unlikely, her name is still rumored to be in the running for this post. And there is a lot to be said for the 42-year-old. The former actress was born in California and has the necessary ambition. She had never kept her ambitions for a career in politics behind the scenes. Your application for the Senate should already have been made.

Meghan is close to the Democrats in her opinion, is said to have already built up a broad network in the party and is well known, not least thanks to her marriage to Prince Harry. Above all, she meets the criteria that Newsom has set out, according to an insider: He wants a black woman for the office.

That’s why Meghan would be considered as a candidate

According to “”, Duchess Meghan could also be accommodated by the fact that this is a transition phase. If Gavin Newsom nominates one of the other promising transition candidates who have already expressed interest in the office, he would have a strong influence on the outcome of the election next year. It could be that he avoids this, if only to avoid accusations of favoritism or even favoritism. Meghan would not be suspicious here and would then have to face political competition within her own ranks in next year’s election.

What are Meghan’s chances?

It is still doubtful whether all of this will lead to Duchess Meghan becoming a senator. She lacks political experience and therefore proof of qualifications. Compensating for this lack with ambition, power and self-confidence will not be easy – especially since the Duchess has many other obligations that she is unlikely to give up for financial reasons. The fact that it fails is a risk that Democrat Gavin Newsom could also see.

According to the Daily Mail, an unnamed major donor to the Democrats is said to have already declared that “in the craziness that is US politics today,” nothing is impossible. Other absurd things have happened.

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