Russia in the winter dilemma: Ukraine exposes Putin’s logistical weakness

The situation on the Ukrainian southern front remains tense. Despite the approaching winter months, the Russian occupying forces do not seem to be making any intensive preparations for the cold season. This is suggested by the press secretary of the Southern Defense Forces, Natalia Humeniuk. She notes that Russian troops may be struggling with their logistics and are therefore focusing on meeting current ammunition and protective equipment needs rather than procuring comprehensive winter gear.

Uncertainty about where Russian units will spend the winter may also contribute to this observation, Humeniuk said. According to her, it is possible that even the Russians do not know exactly where they will be stationed in the coming months.

New phase of counteroffensive begins

Furthermore, as quoted by The New Voice of Ukraine, The New York Times reports the start of a new phase in Ukraine’s counteroffensive. In the south-east of the country in particular, Ukrainian soldiers are advancing steadily despite being attacked by Russian planes. The Financial Times points out that the Ukrainian armed forces have adjusted their tactics and are now concentrating on hitting Russian defenses with heavy artillery. In doing so, they would achieve noticeable success.

Finally, the Wall Street Journal quoted a statement by an unnamed US official that the Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Valery Zalushny, had confirmed that a possible breakthrough was near. This is in response to criticism of the “slow pace” of the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

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