Russia wavers on Bakhmut: Putin’s troops are currently experiencing “hell” on the front

A former deputy defense secretary for European and NATO policy, Jim Townsend, calls the current situation for the Russian military in Ukraine a “bloody hell” and speculates that Russia could be on the verge of losing the strategically important city of Bakhmut, as he towards the “Daily Express“ US expressed. Despite significant resistance and significant damage to Ukrainian troops from landmines and trenches, Russia has failed to make significant progress or achieve its invasion goals, Townsend continued.

Black Sea Fleet suffers “functional defeat”

Furthermore, the Daily Express reports that the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which has been the main target of Ukrainian attacks in recent weeks, has suffered a “functional defeat” as its ships have been relocated to ports from which, according to British Defense Secretary James Heappey, ” could have no influence on Ukraine.” Although Ukraine has relied heavily on Western support during the conflict, NATO Admiral Rob Bauer warns of a shortage of ammunition and is urging governments and manufacturers to “ramp up production at a much faster pace.”

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