Russian political scientist claims Prigozhin is ‘alive, healthy, free’

Wagner boss Prigozhin, 62, is presumed dead since his private plane swooped out of the sky last Wednesday and exploded, killing all ten people on board. A few days later, his remains were identified by DNA tests, the Russian investigative committee said.

Russian political scientist: “Prigozhin himself was not on board”

But the Russian political scientist Dr. Valery Solovey now claims the Wagner boss is “alive, healthy and free” in an unnamed country, the Daily Mail reports. Solovey, a former professor at the Moscow Institute of International Relations, accused Russian authorities of lying when they found Prigozhin’s DNA at the crash site. “Prigozhin himself was not on board. His lookalike flew for him.” He believes that Prigozhin’s famous lookalike boarded his Embraer Legacy 600 business jet in his place.

The double’s wife is said to have visited the grave

Prigozhin’s funeral took place under the strictest security measures, with Putin’s followers guarding the gates. A woman seen at St. Petersburg’s Porokhovskoye Cemetery was initially identified as the reclusive wife of the Wagner boss. However, later Russian media claimed that Irina Krasavina – the wife of his main double Leonid Krasavin – visited the grave.

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