Russian rocket flies towards Germany – now Poland have a theory

According to the “World” parts of a rocket were found on April 22 in a forest near the central Polish city of Bydgoszcz – and thus only 300 kilometers from the German-Polish border. A rider who discovered the remains informed the police. The incident attracted particular attention because the cruise missile found was a Russian Ch-55 missile.

Welt also reported that the Ch-55 is commonly used by Russian long-range bombers and was designed in part to carry nuclear warheads. However, a concrete warhead was discovered on the missile found in Poland, which may indicate that it did not explode. The discovery of the missile sparked national concerns, particularly over the possibility that it entered Polish airspace unnoticed.

Russian rocket lay undiscovered in forest in Poland for four months

According to the report, there is criticism of Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak in Poland because the missile is said to have entered Polish airspace on December 16 of the previous year and lay unnoticed in the forest for more than four months. The opposition is therefore demanding his resignation.

Loud “World” Two theories are discussed in Poland: the Ch-55 could have been shot down from the airspace of Belarus or western Russia and was originally intended to irritate Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses. Alternatively, Russia may have tried to test or provoke Poland as a NATO member. In either case, the militarily important city of Bydgoszcz, home to a NATO headquarters and a major defense contractor, would have been the potential target.

Polish air traffic control may have spotted the missile, but their interceptors were unable to reach the Ch-55 in time. While Poland is modernizing its air defense program and stationing German Patriot systems and US fighter jets, among other things, the question remains why the missile was not searched more intensively. The incident raises serious questions about the security of Polish airspace and could potentially have political ramifications.

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