Russian sea mine explodes in Romania: Incident in popular tourist resort

An unexpected incident occurred on Monday in the Black Sea near the Romanian coastal town of Costinesti. According to reports from various Romanian media sources and confirmed by eyewitness accounts, an explosion happened there. It is believed that the object that exploded was a Russian sea mine, a representative of the Romanian Navy told the Digi24 TV channel. Luckily, no one was injured as a result of this incident.

Navy divers are currently on duty and are examining the site of the explosion more closely, as an additional sea mine may have been sighted in the immediate vicinity. This was announced by Colonel Corneliu Pavel, a spokesman for the Romanian Naval Forces. He added that the Romanian Navy has already neutralized five such Russian sea mines in the Black Sea since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

The place Costinesti is a well-known attraction for tourists. The incident took place directly in the water, near a dike and a hotel. An eyewitness described to the television station Digi24 that he heard a loud bang and then a cloud of black smoke rose – he had watched the incident directly from the terrace of his hotel.

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