Russian sleeper cell exposed: Ukraine decrypts secret messages

A sleeper cell of Russian spies was uncovered and dismantled in Ukraine. According to Mirror, a team of four people was arrested by the Ukrainian secret service SBU, which was supposed to spy on the movements and arms deliveries of Ukrainian troops. Interestingly, the leader of this cell and his wife worked in a defense company in the Mykolaiv region on the Black Sea. The GRU spies linked to Vladimir Putin are said to have been supplied with information by this team.

Encrypted messages intercepted

This group was uncovered when encrypted messages requesting updates were intercepted. According to Mirror, the SBU stated that these people collected details about military equipment in the region, especially regarding repair and maintenance. A notable fact highlighted by the Mirror is that the leader of the spies was recruited by Russian intelligence while studying at the Military Institute of the former Soviet Union. It is believed that he had built his own network of agents and spent years on standby until he became active during the Russian invasion.

Two agents in focus: monitoring Ukrainian forces

In addition to the information these agents collected, two other agents, according to Mirror, monitored the locations and movement paths of Ukrainian armed forces, particularly those units involved in the defense of the region or in counteroffensives. Finally, the Mirror states that all four arrested agents are now in custody and face life imprisonment if convicted.

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