Russian soldier threatens with a grenade on the highway – then the governor moves in

A dramatic incident occurred on Wednesday in the central Russian city of Ufa. A 39-year-old Russian who deserted from his army unit threatened to blow himself up on a highway. A conversation with the governor was able to dissuade him.

A 39-year-old had volunteered for the Russian army. He is said to have been stationed in Rostov-on-Don, but then deserted his unit. Therefore, a procedure for desertion should have been initiated against the soldier named Ildar. When officials wanted to take him to Bazilevka for a psychiatric forensic examination, he managed to escape. This is reported by the news portal “Ufa1” .

On the Nagayevskoye highway in Ufa, the ex-soldier then threatened to pull out the pin of a grenade. Traffic police officers blocked the road from the southern bypass for a total of six kilometers. Armed police officers, the National Guard, special forces from the Interior Ministry and doctors were also on site. The lockdown lasted four hours.

Russian ex-soldier talks to governor and hands over grenade

Ildar only backed down from his threat after a wish had been granted. He wanted to speak to Radij Khabirov, the governor of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Ufa is the capital of the Russian Republic. Forty minutes after the request, government vehicles were spotted near the Nagayevskoye highway. Khabirov actually came.

After a half-hour conversation – Khabirov was accompanied by security forces – Ildar handed the explosives over to National Guard officials. Khabirov owns quite a bit of the party Russia by President Vladimir Putin.

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