Russia’s Devastating Losses: Over 242,000 Soldiers Killed in Ukraine

In a latest update provided by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, they report massive casualties that Russia is said to have suffered in Ukraine since February 24, 2022. According to the Kyiv-based newspaper The Kyiv Independent, casualties totaled 242,620 soldiers, including 660 casualties in the last day alone.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, quoted by The Kyiv Independent, this massive loss also includes significant military hardware. Accordingly, 4,162 tanks, 8,118 armored fighting vehicles, 7,182 vehicles and fuel tanks, 4,675 artillery systems, 697 multiple rocket launchers, 452 air defense systems, 315 aircraft, 310 helicopters, 3,963 drones and 18 boats were affected.

Attacks on Odessa

However, Ukraine has also suffered losses on its side. In the past few days, eight people have been injured in Russian attacks in four oblasts, according to local authorities, quoted by The Kyiv Independent. According to the governor of Odessa Oblast, Oleh Kiper, six people were injured in a night attack by Russian forces using kamikaze drones.

A total of four people were hospitalized, including one with serious wounds, while three people suffered minor shrapnel injuries and bruises. According to Kiper, quoted by The Kyiv Independent, the attacks were aimed at port infrastructure on the Danube, destroying a grain warehouse and damaging cargo storage tanks. A fire also broke out, but it is said to have been extinguished in the meantime.

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