Russia’s new mission: Putin – “The West always needs an enemy”

In a significant statement during the annual meeting of the Valdai Club, a prestigious political forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented his perspective on the conflict in Ukraine and Russia’s global ambitions. According to the “Washington Examiner“Putin presented his country’s mission as an effort to create a “new world” and described his goals in the Ukraine conflict not as a pursuit of territorial gains, but as a fight for the “principles” on which the future world order should be based. He emphasized that “lasting peace” can only be achieved if there is a global balance and everyone’s opinions are respected.

Putin denies Russia’s guilt and blames Kiev regime

According to the Washington Examiner, Putin continued to claim that Western nations seek global “hegemony” and “always need an enemy.” He rejected any blame on Russia’s part in the conduct of the war in Ukraine, portraying Russia as a peacemaker and instead blaming the start of the war on the “Kiev regime,” which he said “almost ten years ago with active and direct Western influence.” Support” acted.

Russia wants to create a “new world order”.

Putin’s comments, again according to the Washington Examiner, evoked memories of the Cold War, accusing the West of confusing “constructive interaction” with “submission.” He argued that the “new world order” would be shaped by those who declared themselves the victors of the Cold War and emphasized the need for a world in which “no one can force others” to live and behave as they did it is what the hegemon wants.

The Russian president presented himself as someone who had repeatedly warned about the dangers of a military conflict and emphasized the alleged arrogance of the West: “But no one wanted to listen to us, no one wanted to hear us,” Putin said, according to the Washington source.

Putin shares his controversial worldview

The Russian President’s comprehensive dialogue with experts from the Valdai Club, which has been taking place since its founding in 2004 and which this year was attended by 140 experts, politicians and diplomats from 42 countries, offers a clear picture of Putin’s worldview and his attitude to the ongoing conflict in Russia Ukraine, which will certainly spark discussions at the international level.

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