Sabotage near Moscow: Drones attack Russian military airfield

The Chkalovsky military airfield in Moscow Oblast was attacked by “unknown saboteurs,” according to Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR). Two aircraft and a helicopter were seriously damaged in the incident. In particular, an AN-148 transport jet and an IL-20 surveillance aircraft were affected. Another AN-148 suffered minor damage, while an MI-28N attack helicopter was also seriously damaged. Interestingly, the HUR noted that this helicopter was actively involved in shooting down attack drones over the Moscow region.

Rise in Drone Attacks: Moscow’s Growing Threat

Russian authorities have confirmed several reports of drone attacks in Moscow Oblast in the past. At the end of August, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin spoke of a “massive” attack on the western regions of Russia, in which a drone was destroyed by Russian air defense before it reached the capital. In addition, four Russian Il-76 aircraft were destroyed in a similar drone attack at a military airfield in Pskov. HUR leader Kyrylo Budanov said in late August that the drone attack was launched from Russian territory, according to The Kyiv Independent.

In summary, The Kyiv Independent reported on a sabotage attack on the Chkalovsky military airfield and on increased drone activity in the region, with Ukrainian military intelligence acting as a central source of information. It remains to be seen what further developments these incidents will lead to.

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