Sandra Bullock is asked to return her Oscar

“Blind Side” is based on the life story of Michael Oher – who now accuses his family of never having adopted him. They would only have wanted to enrich themselves financially with him. Actress Sandra Bullock is now being asked online to return her Oscar because of this case.

The successful Hollywood film ” Blind Side ” is based on a true story – Sandra Bullock (59) plays the adoptive mother of a talented football player. It is the real life story of Michael Oher (36), who now denies ever having been adopted by his adoptive parents. The case goes to court – and Sandra Bullock has to deal with a shitstorm on the internet.

Sandra Bullock won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2010 for her performance in the film Blind Side. The film tells the moving story of a young man who does not have it easy in life. Until he meets Leigh Anne Tuohy, who gives the football player a new home. It is said to have happened in real life, but Michael Oher (37), whose story is told here, now denies it. He expresses strong allegations that his adoptive parents did not adopt him, but only obtained guardianship over him. Michael Oher is sure – Leigh Anne Tuohy (63) and Sean Touhy (63) just wanted to enrich themselves with the emotional story. Since Sandra Bullock plays Anne Tuohy, she also has to deal with a shitstorm online.

Sandra Bullock is asked to return the Oscar

Absurd demands on Sandra Bullock are being made on social media: On the “X” (formerly Twitter) platform, film fans write, for example: “I think she should give it (the Oscar) back. She didn’t deserve it because it’s based on a lie,” says one user. “You have to take the Oscar away from Sandra Bullock,” says another. But many also support the actress and emphasize that Sandra received the Oscar for her acting performance: “It was her job to present the story of the script that had been written. She received no award for being the real person. You can’t take that away from an actor,” one “X” user posted.

After losing her partner: fans protect Sandra Bullock

Also due to a recent stroke of fate, Bullock fans protect the actress. Her longtime partner Bryan Randall († 57) died of the nervous disease ALS. “She’s not to blame for any of this. She just lost her boyfriend, let her mourn in peace,” wrote one user protectively of the actress. Bryan Randall is said to have been the actress’ great love.

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