Sarah Ferguson is said to have helped Prince Andrew make a comeback

The fact that Prince Andrew is gradually being reintegrated into the royal family is said to be thanks to his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. This is said to have held talks with King Charles and Prince William.

Prince Andrew (63) has not only fallen out of favor with the people because of the abuse scandal involving Virginia Giuffre (40) and Jeffrey Epstein († 66). His family has also given him a wide berth since the indictment and his millions in payments to Virginia Giuffre in February 2022. Previously, the brother of King Charles III. (74) relinquish all his military titles. But there was a surprise appearance at this year’s summer stay of the Royal Family in Balmoral: Prince Andrew appeared with his nephew, Prince William (41), and his wife, Princess Kate (41), together in the car on the way to the service. Insiders are certain that Sarah Ferguson (63) helped her ex-husband do this.

Sarah Ferguson is said to have spoken to King Charles and Prince William

Sarah Ferguson – to whom Andrew was married from 1986 to 1996 and remains close, including both living at the Royal Lodge – may have been used as a “mediator”, reports the “Mirror”. The mother of Princess Beatrice, 35, and Princess Eugenie, 33, had previously been seen frequently in conversations with both Charles and William.

Prince Andrew: He had previously gone into hiding

After the big scandal that caused a lot of unrest, Andrew initially went into hiding. When he accompanied his mother, Queen Elizabeth II († 96) at the funeral of his father Prince Philip († 99), it was met with harsh criticism. Even when he appeared in full festive clothing during the coronation of his brother Charles in May, there was a lot of resentment – not only among the people.

His greatest adversary is Prince William. The 41-year-old had insisted in 2022 at the royal festive event, the “Garter Days”, that his uncle would not attend. Otherwise he would have boycotted the venerable ceremony at Windsor Castle.

But apparently that’s all a thing of the past: As insiders let know, King Charles is said to have prevailed against his eldest son and heir to the throne and asked Prince William to take Prince Andrew back into the ranks of the family – personally.

Prince Andrew is gradually being rehabilitated

Andrew’s appearance alongside the future royal couple was now seen in royal circles as a major impetus for the Duke of York’s rehabilitation. An insider is certain that this moment must also have been very important for the 63-year-old: “It’s more than he could have wished for.”

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