“Sea baby” in action: Crimean bridge, oil tanker and warship in sight

Ukraine revealed its recent attack successes, including targets such as the Crimea Bridge, a Russian military ship and an oil tanker. According to a report by “CNN”, the Ukrainians are relying on “Sea Baby”, an innovative underwater drone. Vasyl Maliuk, head of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU), told the US broadcaster: “The drone marks the end of a development phase that began immediately after Russia’s invasion.

“Drones of this type, operating on the sea surface, are a domestic innovation,” Maliuk stressed. On July 17, this technology struck the connection between Crimea and mainland Russia. Maliuk confirmed this as the first official statement on Ukrainian involvement. “CNN” also received a glimpse of a video showing the drone pilot directing the device, which was loaded with 850 kilograms of explosives, against a bridge pier.

Also affected were operations against the warship Olengorskiy Gornyak in Novorossiysk in August and against the oil tanker SIG, which carried fuel for Russian forces. Maliuk hinted that similar operations are being planned. “There are exciting missions ahead, especially for our opponents.” Russian forces have so far been unsuccessful in trying to repel these Ukrainian sea drones.

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