Selenskyj has a problem in the USA: Doubts grow as the offensive slows down

The Ukrainian offensive has not yet achieved the expected results, which could have serious political implications for President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, especially in the United States. Zelenskyy’s government is heavily dependent on American and Western arms aid, while at the same time Russian President Putin has great influence over how and when this conflict might end. CNN reported on the standoff and the potential impact on US support in the upcoming election year. As the US prepares for a standoff between President Joe Biden and ex-President Donald Trump, the Ukrainian situation is increasingly a point of discussion.

The ongoing fighting in Ukraine results in part from the defensive structures created by Russia and the need for a numerical advantage for attacking forces over well-defended units. A report by CNN pointed out that senior Western officials were now expressing “sobering” views on Ukraine’s ability to retake territory.

Offensive halts because weapons are missing

The foreign policy perception of the war is of great importance. Zelenskyy responded to the opinion that the counter-offensive had been a disappointment and stressed the need for more western weapons.

The political mood in the US regarding Ukraine is also ambivalent. Recent CNN polls show that a majority of American voters oppose additional funding for Ukraine. This represents a significant departure from the attitude shortly after the Russian invasion.

In conclusion, the outcome of this conflict is strongly influenced by external factors, in particular the political stance of the US, NATO and European capitals. The Ukrainian offensive is therefore not only under enormous pressure militarily, but also politically.

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