Separate bedrooms are said to be Charles’ and Camilla’s marriage secret

King Charles III and Queen Camilla have been a couple for decades and have even been married since 2005. There is supposed to be a very specific reason why they are still so happy with each other.

The members of the British royal family are not exactly lucky when it comes to successful marriages. Three of the late Queen’s four children have divorced. Above all, the marriage of King Charles III. and his first wife Princess Diana caused a stir.

King Charles and Queen Camilla: Married since 2005

But the current king seems to have learned from past mistakes. Because his marriage to Queen Camilla is considered happy. In 2005, the couple married and the king’s former mistress eventually became His Majesty.

Who would have thought that an affair that caused a sensation around the world would become such a touching love story? The couple’s coronation in May 2023 was probably the most outstanding moment of this love so far.

Queen Camilla and King Charles: Is this the secret of their happy marriage?

The cinematic history of this relationship would certainly have divided many a couple. For a long time, Camilla was unpopular at court and only the “other” among the people. Most importantly, she was the woman who made life difficult for Princess Diana – after all, King Charles was cheating on his then-wife with her.

Now the royal couple are wowing the public with how happy they seem to be. And according to, there’s also a secret behind their enduring love. Because the couple does not sleep in the same room – no matter where they are. This should also have something to do with a health problem of the monarch. Because he suffers from back pain: sleeping alone in a bed should give him relief.

Royal expert Joshua Rom also suspects that the separate bedrooms have to do with the busy schedules of the spouses and both simply like to rest alone.

Royal insider: “The deal is perfect for her”

Incidentally, such an arrangement is not unusual for the Royals. For example, Princess Kate and Prince William used separate bathrooms during their time at Kensington Palace, and the late Queen is said to have slept in a different wing of the property than her husband. And these two marriages are or were considered happy – so there seems to be something to the royal method of “going separate ways” in certain areas of life.

In 2017, an expert told that the king and his wife left a back door open. While the couple have individually decorated bedrooms all to themselves, there’s also a bedroom they can share if they feel like it: “The arrangement is perfect for her,” the insider says.

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