Serious hit in Sevastopol: Wreckage blocks Crimean dock

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian army disabled two Russian warships with an attack on the port of Sevastopol. Military expert Gustav Gressel described this step in Maybrit Illner’s broadcast on Thursday as a “well-thought-out strategy”. Before this attack, Ukrainian forces managed to seize two Russian oil platforms and dismantle the radar systems. This step prevented Russia from being informed in time about the impending port attack.

Gressel noted: “The wreckage of the warships now blocks the only dry dock in Crimea that is militarily suitable for the Black Sea Fleet. This significantly affects the repair ability of Russian ships.” This could result in Russia no longer being able to effectively use the port of Sevastopol for military purposes, limiting the effectiveness of its maritime operations.

“Fight against Eastern Barbarians”

Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maljar commented on the incident: “Ukraine is facing enormous challenges. We lack enough soldiers and even more weapons systems. We are actually inferior to the enemy troops. But we decided to launch the offensive anyway and successfully take back areas.”

Maljar further emphasizes: “This is a battle of eastern barbarians against western culture. Everyone in the West should think about whether they want to live in a global environment where nations destroy other nations. And I want to pose the question: Can you really negotiate with a nation that ignores the rules of the civilized community?”

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