“Sex and the City” star Kristin Davis shed tears after filler breakdown

Actress Kristin Davis was publicly criticized for her beauty interventions, especially after the release of “And Just Like That”. She spoke about these experiences in an interview.

The cult series “Sex and the City” celebrated a brilliant TV comeback with the sequel “… And Just Like That” many years after it ended in 2004. There are numerous stars of the original series. In addition to Sarah Jessica Parker (58), who embodies the role of Carrie Bradshaw and was always looking for the love she finally found with her “Mr. Big “, Kristin Davis (58) is also back,

Her character, Charlotte York, finally found a genuinely happy ending after some trial and error in “Sex and the City.” Now she is back in front of the camera for the sequel and is confronted with her former self and compared by the public with this earlier version of herself. That’s not always easy, as Kristin Davis revealed in an interview.

‘Sex and the City’ Star Kristin Davis on Her Beauty Procedures: ‘Nobody Said It Didn’t Look Good’

Davis opened up to The Telegraph about how she’s been hurt by the comments about her current appearance. Because she had undergone several beauty surgeries since “Sex and the City” and was heavily criticized for the result, especially after the sequel had started. Kristin Davis admits that not all of her wrinkle removal fillers have been a success: “I’ve had fillers that were good and I’ve had fillers that were bad. (…) I was ruthlessly mocked. And I shed tears because of it. It was very exhausting,” she admits in an interview.

Especially with her lips, she didn’t realize that the surgery wasn’t a good idea – until she asked friends about it: “Nobody said it didn’t look good,” says Davis. She trusted her doctor, as did other celebrities, who then had to take public criticism “if things went wrong”. She should be all the happier about the support from those around her, who honestly pointed out unsuccessful interventions: “Fortunately, I have good friends who finally told me that,” says the actress.

“… And Just Like That”: Discussing looks is “misogynistic babble”

Adding how hard it is to always be confronted with her younger self, she said: “It’s a challenge to remember that you don’t have to look like that. But the internet wants you to do that – and then again it doesn’t. They’re very contradictory,” the actress said. Sarah Jessica Parker also received hate comments – because she now has gray hair at the age of 58. She simply described the discussions surrounding the actresses’ appearance as “misogynistic babble”.

The real fans of the series shouldn’t participate in such absurd discussions and just be happy that their city heroines are back on screen. The second season starts on HBO on June 22, 2023 – then even with a brief guest appearance by the legendary “Samantha Jones”, played by Kim Cattrall (66), who previously refused to appear in the series.

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