shake hands with russians Ukrainian Switolina demands a clear statement in Wimbledon

In the debate about handshakes with professionals from Russia and Belarus, the Ukrainian Jelina Switolina called for a clear statement from the tennis organizations. “I think they have to go public with a statement that there will be no handshakes between Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian players,” said Switolina (28) on Sunday evening in Wimbledon after her round of 16 victory against Viktoria Asarenka from Belarus.

After that, Switolina had refrained from shaking hands after a game, which is mandatory in tennis. Because of the Russian war of aggression against her homeland, Switolina refuses to shake hands with players from Russia and Belarus. “I have said it several times that until Russian troops leave Ukraine and we reclaim our territories, I will not do handshakes. That’s a clear statement from me,” said Switolina.

Belarusian Azarenka is booed at Wimbledon

Her opponent Asarenka accepted that after her defeat, but was then booed by some of the spectators when she left the field. The former number one in the world then stopped completely stunned and then left the court with a gesture that was not defined later, in which she crossed her hands in the air.

“Maybe some people don’t realize it. Some people don’t seem to know what’s going on,” Svitolina said. She recalled being booed at the French Open in Paris when she failed to congratulate the world number two on the net after her quarterfinal defeat by Aryna Sabalenka from Belarus. Therefore, a clear statement by the organizations is “the right way”.

Azarenka was disappointed by the audience’s reaction and annoyed with the discussion of the topic. “Don’t make it bigger than it is. It doesn’t change a person’s life whether someone shakes hands with someone else on the net or not,” Azarenka said. “I have known Jelina for a long time and have always had a good relationship with her. Circumstances are what they are.”

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