Shortly before his prison date, Trump exchanges his lawyer

The defense attorney Steve Sadow will replace the previous attorney Drew Findling, among other things, the broadcaster CNN and the newspaper “The Atlanta Journal-Constitution” reported on Thursday. “I have been assigned to represent President Trump in the case in Fulton County, Georgia,” Sadow said in a statement.

Donald Trump hires a new lawyer shortly before his prison date

CNN, citing unnamed sources, wrote that this had nothing to do with Findling’s past performance. Sadow is the best defenseman in Georgia. Trump has already exchanged lawyers at short notice in connection with charges against him in the past.

Trump wanted to present himself to the authorities on Thursday afternoon (local time) in the Atlanta County Jail. There, the Republican presidential candidate must endure the formal procedure that follows an impeachment. But he can leave the city again afterwards. The fact that Trump, unlike previous charges, does not have to appear in court but in prison has a new quality, at least visually. Trump has been charged with 18 other suspects over his attempts to influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia.

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