Should Germany get out of sea rescue? Where Elon Musk is right – and where he’s wrong

One can find the tussle between Elon Musk and Annalena Baerbock’s Foreign Office amusing. But it has a serious background: Italy sees the financing of private “sea rescue” as inadmissible, un-European and lack of solidarity interference in the internal affairs of its country. And therefore rejects the first major European asylum compromise.

Diplomats are therefore negotiating feverishly because: If the European asylum compromise fails after years of negotiations, Brussels believes it will take years again until a new compromise is found. If one is found at all. And until then, the word “European solution” is toxic. A synonym for something that was promised but never delivered. Another word for Europe’s failure on an issue that is central to its people.

Fatal consequences for the EU election if the asylum compromise fails

The consequences for the European elections next early summer would be unforeseeable. It’s not just Germany that has a problem with a right-wing radical party, other countries have it too – France, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Scandinavian countries. And the decisive factor for these problems on the right-wing edge of the political spectrum is the unresolved migration problem. And even according to the Chancellor’s assessment, this is because “too many” migrants are coming.

And there is no doubt that even more are coming because there is private sea rescue. We don’t know exactly how many. Proponents of this system say eight percent are the number of migrants who made it from Africa’s coasts to Europe with the help of ships. A third of them end up in Germany, as the Federal President recently pointed out.

Traffic light conjures up a migration solution – and makes it more difficult through sea rescue

“Sea rescue” is not a German phenomenon, but no other European country comes from as many self-proclaimed rescuers as Germany. And in no other country are they funded with tax money. Which is an expression of appreciation. If it were otherwise, this state subsidy would not exist.

When the Chancellor says there are “too many” coming, then this problem is made even worse by the helper boats off the African coast. What this means: The traffic light government is calling for a European solution to the migration crisis – and making it more difficult through “sea rescue”. The Chancellor says there are too many migrants coming to Germany – and the state subsidy for the aid boats is making the problem even worse. German migration policy is contradictory and its alleged goals are not credible. And if you want to fight the AfD, maybe you shouldn’t start like that.

Sea rescue paradox: The more are rescued, the more die

On the left side of the center and among the Christian churches, especially the Protestant ones, which are actively involved, “sea rescue” is exclusively charged with positivity. But that is too simple because it has at least a double edge. Because there is – in addition to the NGOs’ popular photos of “rescued” people – another truth, you can call it the “sea rescue paradox”: the more people are rescued in this way, the more people die. Strauß’s daughter Monika Hohlmeier – who sits in the European Parliament – recently pointed out this connection.

The CDU foreign politician Johann Wadephul shares this view. “Sea rescue” means “more people can get on boats and smugglers can continue their terrible business.” This terrible business, which is hardly reported at all, is tough organized crime. Human trafficking. Smugglers are not benefactors, but criminals. At least that is the opinion of the European Commission, which wants to put a stop to their criminal activities.

But that’s not all: Focus Online research has shown that the NGO rescuers are obviously working with the illegal smugglers. At least that is the suspicion of the Italian public prosecutor, who has collected impressive evidence of this.

In the end, the smugglers’ value chain looks like this: In African countries, clans collect thousands of euros, which a usually young, strong man then uses to make his way to Europe. He uses the money to pay a human trafficker who then takes these people in his boat to where the “sea rescuers” are already waiting. From the perspective of the business people, the NGOs are not always, but often part of their value chain. This is where Elon Musk comes into play.

The currently richest man in the world is a media powerhouse. He is followed by 150 million people worldwide on the Internet platform X (formerly Twitter), which Musk owns. Musk is doing politics there, massively. Which is strange for Germans because entrepreneurs in Germany are politically reserved. Musk, on the other hand, is a political Twitter activist. As an individual, probably the most influential political non-politician in the world.

Musk exchanges blows with the Baerbock Ministry

One of his main topics is: disorderly migration. Musk recently flew to the Texas border, from where he reported live in the style of a reporter. Musk is putting pressure on New York, the city that is currently collapsing under the weight of disorderly immigration.

Two years ago, the ruling Democrats launched the “open-door policy” – in Germany it was called a welcoming culture – with the blessing of the American president. And today the city government can no longer even find hotels in which it could accommodate migrants. The irregular flight to New York alone costs billions. And her most prominent opponent is not Donald Trump, but Elon Musk.

The American border guard has just reported an American record: 260,000 illegal immigrants – within just one month. Musk estimates the number of unreported cases to be the same again. The end result would be “over half a million people, equivalent to the population of Wyoming.” Musk is not an opponent of immigration, on the contrary – he wants more legal immigration, but: “Illegal immigration needs to stop.”

Musk thus represents the line of classic immigration countries such as Australia or Canada. They allow immigration into their countries – subject to strict criteria – but try to completely prevent irregular immigration. Things are different in Germany, especially since the traffic light coalition is in power. She wants both: immigration controlled via the Skilled Immigration Act and immigration uncontrolled via asylum law.

Musk tweet about the AfD clicked 60 million times

Musk shared a tweet from the migration-critical and AfD-friendly platform “RadioGenoa”: “Eight ships belonging to German NGOs are currently traveling in the Mediterranean to collect illegal immigrants and unload them in Italy. These NGOs are subsidized by the federal government.” Then follows the sentence: “Let’s hope that the AfD wins the elections to stop this European suicide.”

Because Musk recommended it, this tweet was read more than 60 million times. To Musk’s question “Is this known to the German public?” Baerbock’s office replied: “Yes, it is called saving lives.” To which Musk wrote: “So you are actually proud of it” and: “Isn’t it a violation of Italy’s sovereignty, “If Germany brings a large number of illegal immigrants to Italian soil? That has something of an invasion vibe to it.” And when Der Spiegel wrote that Musk was spreading conspiracy theories, the scolded man replied in German: “You probably don’t have all your cups in the bag Wardrobe.”

“Invasion” and “European suicide” are actually considered conspiracy ideologies on the left of the political center. Authors critical of migration like Tyler Durden in the USA, whom Musk values, see it differently. “Europe has only just begun to realize that mass immigration is destroying it,” writes Durden. The left, which pursues this open-door policy, follows a “woken” ideology. Accordingly, the West suffers from an “original sin” – colonial policy. Which must be made up for by “open doors for everyone”.

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