Silk Road summit: Russia’s president without fear of arrest in China

Despite an international arrest warrant, Putin arrives in Beijing, where he will attend the Silk Road summit and hold talks with Xi Jinping. China’s support for Russia is evident despite its claim to neutrality.

Russian Head of State Vladimir Putin marked his arrival at the Silk Road Summit in Beijing. Chinese media reported his arrival at the capital airport on Tuesday morning. Putin is also expected to hold talks with Chinese leader Xi Jinping as part of this major global forum, which underlines China’s ambitions for the Belt and Road investment and infrastructure project. It is noteworthy that despite its external neutrality, China remains a strong supporter of Russia, especially with regard to the Ukraine crisis.

Despite an international arrest warrant: Putin safe in China

After the International Criminal Court in The Hague issued an arrest warrant for Putin in March, he continued his travels abroad. But in Beijing he doesn’t have to fear arrest. China has not signed the Rome Statute of the Court and is therefore not obliged to implement the arrest warrant.

Over 140 countries represented at the Silk Road Summit

The summit attracts representatives from a wide range of countries, including many from Africa, South America and Central and Southeast Asia, all of which are part of the Silk Road project. While China is promoting various infrastructure initiatives in these countries, Germany remains outside the Silk Road network.

Russia admits – The majority of our drones come from China.

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