Social Media Giant Twitter’s Rolling Out Its Own TikTok-Style For You Page

The Twitter account is making an effort to program an experience similar to For You Page’s, which TikTok provides for its users. The new tabs that will be featured in a specific app’s interface when a substantial event takes place will give a new take on it.

Users have the option of switching between Twitter’s reverse chronological ticker and the algorithmically-generated timeline.

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The For You and Following sections have been added to the feed. The first section to be displayed when the app is opened, according to a report published in The Verge.

The new Twitter homepage will suggest topics and trending topics. The new feature will have a design similar to TikTok.

This isn’t the first time a rivaling social media application has copied TikTok ‘s features, including Twitter. It will be fascinating to observe how people react to this recent update and how much it may influence the way they use the app.

A screenshot from the update was posted by social media researcher Matt Navarra, who mentioned that he was dismaying to find an extremely poor version of TikTok.

Along with the other changes, Elon Musk, the blocked owner of Twitter, tweeted about the new user interface, noting that it’s part of a larger UI redesign.

On software and the web, until you access the iOS feed first, you’ll be able to access the archived feed as it was.

Changes made by Twitter in the following year may not necessarily bring about an improvement. If the essential changes are necessary, there are many other recommendations available if necessary.

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