Sophia Thiel receives harsh criticism for visiting Wacken Open Air

Despite the travel stop, fitness influencer Sophia Thiel celebrates at the popular Wacken Festival. Because many excited festival visitors had to leave because of the rain, their followers accuse them of enjoying a celebrity bonus.

The Wacken Festival is legendary and everyone is talking about it, especially this year. And not just because of the strange history of the open air and the thousands of metal fans who flood the small town in Schleswig Holstein and form a special symbiosis with the residents for several days.

Weather almost thwarted Wacken Open Air

No, this year the weather made headlines. Because persistent heavy rainfall had plunged the area into a mud chaos even before the first concert. The organizers tried everything to save what could be saved. But they couldn’t keep up with the rain and the organizers stopped the journey. The festival wasn’t called off, but many true fans had to stay outside.

Sophia Thiel still celebrates at the festival

A severe disappointment for many music fans, who would certainly have taken on a lot to be at the cult event.

Some were quite surprised that fitness influencer Sophia Thiel was still allowed on the premises and celebrated at Wacken, as she shows on Instagram. True to style in a Viking costume, she presents herself in a video that shows her transformation.

But her fans are anything but enthusiastic

Together with her sister Bella, the 28-year-old enjoys her trip to the festival world and also shows in her stories what she experiences there. Under the reel, some outraged followers speak out, who suspect that Sophia is only allowed to be on the site because of a celebrity bonus, which was blocked for arrival days ago.
One user writes: “It’s interesting that you can go to Wacken while others have to leave again.” Another user adds: “The stories showed that you only left after the departure stop. It gives the impression that rank and name mean that you can override them.”

And that doesn’t go down well with many: “The posting is just unfair and disrespectful to the fans, who are no longer allowed on the site despite paid tickets. Congratulations on the most insensitive post of the day.”

Sophia Thiel: Tattoo at Wacken

But other users defend Sophia Thiel and don’t understand the excitement: “How simply no one grants anything anymore, it’s unbelievable.”

And Sophia? She doesn’t let her spirits spoil her and clearly enjoyed the days at the festival, as you can see from her stories. By the way: In her story from August 5, 2023, Sophia Thiel shows that she got a tattoo on the festival site. It will be interesting to see what else she will reveal.

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