Sophia Thomalla accuses the CDU of “losing reality” and announces she is leaving the party

Irin made allegations against Rammstein: Sophia Thomalla rages over Shelby Lynn’s performance and announces she is leaving the CDU.

Sophia Thomalla is so angry about an appearance by Irishwoman Shelby Lynn at a CDU event that the moderator now wants to leave the party. The ex-partner of Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann accuses the party of “loss of reality” and attacks, among others, initiator Dorothee Bär.

Sophia Thomalla (34) no longer wants to be a member of the CDU, as the moderator explained in her Instagram story on Thursday morning. “I don’t want to continue to support the ever-increasing loss of reality among some politicians,” wrote Sophia, who joined the CDU twelve years ago.

She also specifically named the reason for her decision, namely an appearance by Shelby Lynn at the CDU event “Violence against Women – Breaking the Silence” in the German Bundestag. In June, the Irishwoman went public with the accusation of having been given knockout drops at a Rammstein concert in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Sophia Thomalla accuses the CDU of wanting to get “cheap attention”.

“The lady who even says that Till never touched her, giving a stage in the German Bundestag as part of an event called ‘Violence against Women’, reflects exactly the unrealistic politics that so many citizens have rightly been criticizing for months “, says Thomalla.

She also directed her criticism at CSU politician Dorothee Bär (45), who, according to Thomalla, tried to “relax” Shelby Lynn’s statements and make them suitable for the event. In Sophia’s opinion, the “right way” would be to invite a woman “who has actually experienced real violence” and further accuses Shelby Lynn’s appearance of trying to get “cheap attention”.

Sophia Thomalla suddenly brings AfD into play

In addition to her attacks against Lynn, Thomalla made reference to the current political shift to the right in Germany: “That politicians like Dorothee Bär and Julia Klöckner prefer to deal with people who are far from relevant in order to get quick and cheap applause from the woke Berlin bubble, rather than around them “The actual concerns of the citizens are, unfortunately, exactly one of the reasons why the AfD is getting such a relevant boost.”

In recent months, several women have reportedly made allegations of abuse against Rammstein singer Till Lindemann (60). The singer denied them. “These allegations are without exception untrue,” his lawyers said in a statement. Investigations into abusive sexual behavior have now been discontinued.

During her appearance at the CDU discussion event, Lynn said she would go public again at any time. “I would do it again and again and again,” said the Irishwoman, and asked: “Why do we still have to fight for basic human rights and to be respected in 2023? In all areas of life?”

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