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Eldon Musk Moving SpaceX To Texas Over Money Dispute

Eldon Musk Moving SpaceX To Texas Over Money Dispute

Elon Musk now wants to leave the US state of Delaware with another company after a judge overturned his $56 billion pay package from Tesla. Now there are concrete relocation plans for SpaceX.

No love for Delaware

This is reported by the news magazine Reuters and quotes Musk. When it became clear that Musk would not receive his $56 billion share package following a court decision, he began relocating his companies out of the US state of Delaware. Initially, however, only Tesla's departure was discussed, as the decision directly affected this company.

Now Musk is moving on. In a post on "If your business is still incorporated in Delaware, I encourage you to move to another state as soon as possible," he added in his post on 

That's still not everything. As Bloomberg notes, Musk also moved Neuralink's operations away from Delaware on February 8th - its new home is now Nevada.

However, unlike SpaceX and Neuralink, it will likely be a while before Tesla can move. This could also be a reason for the company's seemingly defiant behavior in allowing the companies to move where they can decide on their headquarters. Musk still has to let shareholders vote on whether the company should move its legal headquarters.