Strike against Black Sea Fleet: Kiev reports damage to ship and submarine

Kiev has confirmed a nighttime missile attack on a shipyard in occupied Crimea and reported two Russian Black Sea Fleet ships damaged. This action is seen as a “very good result” for Ukraine.

On Wednesday morning, after a series of explosions at the Sevastopol shipyard documented by footage shared on social media, the Russian Defense Ministry said 10 cruise missiles and “three unmanned boats” were involved in the attack. According to them, all but three of the rockets were intercepted. Nevertheless, a Ukrainian military intelligence source told the Kyiv Post that Kiev was responsible for the attack. Additionally, information suggests that at least one large landing ship and one submarine were destroyed.

Kilo-class submarine damaged

As the Kyiv Post mentioned, citing preliminary reports, the damaged ships could be a Russian Kilo-class submarine and a Ropucha landing ship. However, the source failed to provide a precise list of the weapons used by Kiev in the attack. Instead of sharing details, the source suggested that the enemy should find out what exactly corresponds to its anti-aircraft and anti-missile assets.

The Sevastopol shipyard where the attack took place supports and maintains Russian ships and submarines, many of which are used for missile attacks on Ukrainian cities. According to the source, this object is of significant importance for the enemy, especially taking into account the repair and maintenance capabilities of ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Western missiles in use

Ukrainian Telegram channel Insider UA suggested that either the British Storm Shadow long-range missiles or the French SCALP long-range missiles could have been used in the attack. This is based on a statement by the commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, Mykola Oleshchuk, who is said to have carried out the attack on Crimea with the help of aviation, but without revealing more detailed weapon details.

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