Tanks over Dnipro: Russians report Ukrainian advance near Kherson

In the embattled Kherson Oblast, Russian sources record an increase in military movements by Ukrainian forces. According to the “ISW A limited number of armored vehicles were deployed across the Dnipro near Krynky. The troops were conducting expanded ground operations there involving a battalion-sized contingent, it said. Images shared by Russian military bloggers on November 6 purported to show a Ukrainian tracked amphibious vehicle carrying an infantry fighting vehicle across the river near Krynky.

Confrontation at Krynky

Additional bloggers claimed on November 7 that Ukrainian amphibious assault vehicles independently crossed the Dnipro River near Krynky. Photographs of a destroyed western armored vehicle were also distributed, but without an exact location on the eastern bank. There are discrepancies in the reports; some speak of one, others of two Ukrainian PTS vehicles crossing the Dnipro, while others report several armored vehicles being brought into the area. Over 300 Ukrainian soldiers are said to be active in the Krynky region, holding positions both in the center and in surrounding areas. Fighting also continued in areas such as Poyma, Pishchanivka and Pidstepne, but without significant changes compared to previous days.

Ukraine’s staying power

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) is recording reports of Ukraine’s first company-sized attacks that may have taken place over the Dnipro as early as October 17th and 18th. The existence of a battalion-sized troop formation on the eastern bank suggests that Ukrainian forces were able to overcome Russian blockades and increase their presence and equipment. However, the ISW is reticent to make any predictions about further developments in Ukrainian operations on the eastern bank of Kherson Oblast.

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