Tatjana Gsell: Ex-girlfriend does not believe in new images of the scandalous blonde

Most people associate Tatjana Gsell (52) mainly with scandals, and that doesn’t just have to do with the murder of her husband, the cosmetic surgeon Franz Gsell († 76), in 2003. At the time, rumors were circulating that the woman from Lower Franconia could have had something to do with her husband’s death. However, the evidence led to the conviction of two men who committed the robbery that resulted in the death of Tatjana Gsell’s husband. But after this difficult phase in her life, the 52-year-old didn’t really seem to find her way again.

Mona Buruncuk about her former girlfriend: “Tatjana makes me bile with anger”

There were always headlines about their love affairs, numerous beauty surgeries and participation in TV formats such as “Die Alm” or “Big Brother” and in the “Jungle Camp” in 2018. A dispute with her best friend at the time, the moderator Mona Buruncuk, stems from this time. This spoke now with picture” about her current relationship with Tatjana Gsell and what she thinks of her new image. “Tatjana makes me bile with anger,” said the former companion.

Tatjana Gsell recently reappeared after a long retreat from the public eye. She is currently taking care of her aunt in Frankfurt, who is suffering from dementia, is single again after a long relationship and has changed a lot visually. For Mona Buruncuk it is clear: “Tatjana is trying to shed her past. But she forgot one detail, the 2018 jungle camp, where I was caught in a spiral of humiliation and insults.”

Mona Buruncuk accompanied Tatjana Gsell to Australia in 2018. When Gsell left the camp, Mona Buruncuk reportedly didn’t take good care of her. There was an argument, Tatjana Gsell is said to have verbally abused and pushed her friend. She fell, but got away with bruises – but the humiliation is apparently still deep. Tatjana Gsell later apologized for this, but only via SMS and not publicly. But Buruncuk would like that: “The way she deals with it shows her lack of willingness to be honest and open.”

Tatjana Gsell: There was an apology – “It doesn’t need publicity for that, unless you’re looking for it”

Tatjana Gsell also commented on the ongoing conflict with her former best friend. At the request of “BILD” she accused the presenter of misconduct and explained: “The reconciliation took place years ago and it doesn’t need to be public unless you look for it!”

Tatjana Gsell is also increasingly present in public again. Since June 2023 she has already posted numerous pictures of herself in her new appearance on social media, in which she is unlikely to be recognized by many. She stages her comeback after a long break and shares private details like the “new” at her side: dog “Horst”.

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