Taylor Swift Money Jar Goes Viral, Husband Makes Wife Pay For Taylor Talk

A husband’s going viral for putting a Taylor Swift tip jar in his house, and making his wife pay up for every mention of the pop star OR her boyfriend, Travis Kelce!

Maryland resident Dana Rice shared the clip of her hubby’s new “invention,” showing him clearly fed up with the Taylor/Travis chatter going on around their home these days … prompting him to tape a sign with the new house rules on a tall glass.

It says, “Any mention of T. Swift and you owe $0.25” … adding, “I can’t take it anymore.” And yes, there’s a footnote reminding Dana the Kansas City Chiefs star is included in the deal.

Dana says she became a Swiftie when Taylor launched her “Eras” tour back in March … and now fellow fans are coming to her defense in the comments — one jokingly wrote, “25 cents is a small price to pay to spread the gospel.”

Dana slips up pretty early, BTW … saying they both were recently on ‘SNL’ — referring to their brief cameos last month on the show’s season premiere. As you know, that’s when the entire country was goin’ nuts over their relationship.

As we reported, the duo was spotted holding hands in NYC before their brief appearances on ‘SNL’ … and they also hit up the show’s after-party together.

It’s clear Dana’s husband started his Tay-Tay tip system almost a month ago, so they’re probably on to a second jar by now!

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