Team photo sparks racism debate – Arsenal responds with diversity offensive

Top English football club Arsenal FC have announced plans to increase diversity in their women’s football team. This statement was made according to the BBC after criticism of a team photo that only showed white players.

The club has stated in an official statement that the current composition of the women’s team does not reflect the diversity that exists within the club and the communities it represents. However, Arsenal stressed that the club is proud of its players from diverse backgrounds who play in the various teams, including the male and female youth academies, and who have contributed to the club’s history, success and culture.

Arsenal wants to promote diversity and inclusion – after criticism of team photo

This year, an analysis of English women’s football led by former international Karen Carney highlighted the need for greater diversity both on and off the pitch, the BBC reports. Former Brighton defender Fern Whelan said in the report that the lack of diversity in women’s football needed to be “urgently addressed”.

A 2021 estimate suggests that the proportion of black, Asian and other minority players in the English Women’s Super League is between 10 and 15 percent.

Arsenal further stressed in its statement that increasing the participation of young women and girls from diverse backgrounds at youth level is a “key priority” for the club. Specific measures are planned to improve access and development opportunities. The club underlines that it will continue to work to promote greater diversity and inclusion and create a sense of belonging for everyone associated with Arsenal.

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