Tech Giant Google Launches Anti-Misinformation Campaign in India

Google has recently launched a new anti-misinformation campaign in India to help stop the spread of fake news. This campaign is part of the company’s broader efforts to tackle the scourge of misinformation in the country.

Google will be working with multiple partners to raise awareness and educate people on how to identify, verify and report false information.

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It will use “prebunking” videos to counter false claims before they become widely circulated on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Despite claiming they would not turn it into a free-for-all hellscape as new owner Elon Musk pledged, Twitter is actually cutting its trust and safety teams, Google’s efforts on the other hand reflect their concern with trying to correct misinformation.

In the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Google conducted an experiment in Europe to counter anti-refugee narratives online.

The experiment in India is set to be larger than before as it will focus on three languages spoken by most of the country’s population, Bengali, Hindi, and Marathi.

“This presented an opportunity to research prebunking in a non-western, global south market,” said Beth Goldberg, Jigsaw’s head of research and development.

Fake news has infiltrated India in much the same way it has penetrated other countries and been known to breed divisions across the country.

Google, Meta, and Twitter have been urged by Indian officials to take stronger action against fake news.

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