Texas Attorney General faces impeachment over corruption

A first vote will take place in the US state Congress on Saturday. The ultra-conservative Paxton has repeatedly taken legal action against the policies of US President Joe Biden and is close to his predecessor Donald Trump.

A parliamentary commission of inquiry on Thursday unanimously approved 20 charges against Paxton for corruption, misuse of public funds, false testimony and obstruction of justice. The Attorney General is also the Attorney General of Texas. According to the indictment, Paxton pressured his associates to protect a friend and financier from prosecution.

In return, the financier of one of Paxton’s extramarital affairs allegedly got a job and paid for work on Paxton’s home, according to the documents.

Paxton impeached Biden nearly 50 times

Representatives of the Republican-dominated Texas House of Representatives are scheduled to vote on the allegations after a four-hour debate. A simple majority will suspend Paxton pending a Senate investigation. If two-thirds of the senators – including Paxton’s wife – vote to remove him, he will be removed permanently. The 60-year-old ultra-conservative Paxton is close to ex-President Donald Trump. He is controversial in his own party, the outcome of the parliamentary procedure is completely open.

Paxton’s office has sued President Biden’s administration nearly 50 times to reverse migration, tax and environmental policies, Paxton reminded reporters Friday. Paxton was named Texas Attorney General in 2014. In 2015 he was charged with financial fraud. Although the process is ongoing, he was confirmed in office in 2018 and 2022.

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