The BVB young star is said to have refused to play for the U21s, which angered Nagelsmann

Karim Adeyemi did not receive an invitation to the national team this time. For this reason, the Dortmund striker was called up to the U21. As “Bild” now reports, the BVB professional refuses to play there. National coach Julian Nagelsmann doesn’t think that’s okay.

After 45 weak minutes his performance was over. For Karim Adeyemi, the 2-1 defeat at VfB Stuttgart was undoubtedly a bitter setback on the way to consistency at a good level and a regular place at Borussia Dortmund.

It had already been announced the day before that Adeyemi would not be traveling to the senior national team or the U21 team during the international break. The first description of the background to this was apparently not entirely correct.

The official announcement was that Adeyemi, in close consultation with U21 national coach Antonio di Salvo, should rather train in Dortmund in order to “recommend himself for a regular place there.”

In fact, according to information from “Bild”, Adeyemi is said to have rejected the invitation to the U21 and thus refused to play in the DFB’s oldest youth team.

Nagelsmann was not very enthusiastic

According to “Bild”, the DFB accepted Adeyemi’s rejection, but national coach Julian Nagelsmann in particular was said to be anything but enthusiastic about it.

Nagelsmann, who understandably saw no place for Adeyemi in the current A-Elf squad, should demand a total commitment to the DFB from his players, regardless of whether they are nominated for the senior national team or a U-selection.

“I started discussions with Karim and the club. “He currently wants to stay at BVB in order to achieve his goals,” di Salvo told Bild, using the official language, although it also sounded between the lines that the U21 coach would have liked to see Adeyemi with him.

It now remains to be seen to what extent the winger has damaged his personal national team ambitions with his decision to stay in Dortmund.

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