“The first phase of the offensive failed” – that’s why Kiev is changing its strategy

“They tried to push forward like something out of a US Army textbook. Basically similar to the Russians at the beginning of the war, i.e. with tank columns that drove forward quickly,” Reisner told nv “. “Then the Ukrainians realized that the Russians were too well prepared to achieve such a breakthrough.”

“The first phase of the offensive failed,” says an expert – but praises the Ukrainian reaction

In an interview with “Ntv” he praised the Ukrainian reaction to this setback. “Ukraine then went on operational hiatus, consolidated and is now trying to change its tactics and combat techniques. And that’s the good news, now they have.”

The expert explains Ukraine’s new tactics like this: “They are trying to attack with small assault groups. This tactic is very, very slow, but it works. Because compared to a column of tanks, which is relatively easy to attack in open terrain – for example with attack helicopters – they are much more difficult to hit and attack when protected by the windbreak belts.”

“That speaks for Ukraine, which manages to achieve success after all”

Reisner’s conclusion to “Ntv”: “That speaks for Ukraine, which manages to achieve success. It’s just that the offensive is progressing very slowly.”

The latest reports from Kiev show how slowly. On Monday, Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maljar announced via Telegram that around 37 square kilometers had been taken in one week. This corresponds to about a third of the area of ​​Sylt.

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